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Listed below are the five Christian Education certificates currently being offered by Berean Gwinnett.  A certificate is rewarded after completing the specified classes relevant to each certification as designated below.  

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Berean’s Foundational Certificate

Students who complete the 4 classes below will be awarded the Berean Foundational Certificate

  • Added Member – This one session class provides information and expectations for members of Berean.
  • Spiritual Gifts Workshop – This one session workshops helps you identify your spiritual gifts and assist you in finding a ministry match at Berean.
  • Scripture Memory Class – A one session class giving practical steps to memorizing Scripture.
  • Blessed Life Class  – A five week class teaching the Biblical principle of tithing and giving.


Spiritual Growth Certificate

Students who complete the 3 classes below will be awarded the Spiritual Growth Certificate

  • How to Grow Spiritually Class – A four week course teaching the 6 fundamentals of spiritual health.
  • Enhancing Your Prayer life Class – A five week course providing practical tools on prayer.
  • Fasting Class – A one session class providing introductory information on fasting.


Basic Bible Certificate

Students who complete the 3 classes below will be awarded the Basic Bible Certificate

  • Biblical Interpretation – This course offers objective Hermeneutic principles relevant to the interpretation of Scripture.
  • Before Reading Your Bible – This 3 week course provides information on using and choosing a Study Bible. Students are further taught to consider the historical breakdown and context of each book of the Bible.
  • Bible Reader’s Club – BRC is a yearlong, online course that coaches the student through the reading of the entire Bible. Students are also provided monthly lectures (online) and a platform for discussion throughout the year.


Intermediate Bible Certificate

Students who complete the 3 classes below and possess the Basic Bible Certificate will be awarded the Intermediate Bible Certificate

  • Basic Bible Certificate – The Basic Bible Certification must be awarded prior to the Intermediate Bible Certification.
  • How to Study Your Bible – Students of this 6 week course are introduced to the Inductive research method. Participants can also expect an introduction of Bible study tools and how to find the definitions of Biblical words in their original languages.
  • Old Testament Survey – This course surveys the entire 39 books of the Old Testament. Successful completion of the Bible Reader’s Club is a prerequisite for attempting this course.
  • New Testament Survey – This course surveys the entire 27 books of the New Testament. Successful completion of the Bible Reader’s Club is a prerequisite for attempting this course.


Evangelism Certificate

Students who complete the 3 classes below will be awarded the Evangelist Certificate

  • Witnessing for Beginners – This 3 week course provides practical training and workshops designed to train students in witnessing. The tactics taught can be used with strangers, family members and co-workers alike.
  • Reasons to Believe – This 6 week apologetics course is designed to equip students to fulfill 1 Peter 3:15b, “Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks for a reason for your hope.”
  • World Religions – This course surveys a plethora of current and past world religions. Practical advice about witnessing to each sect will be provided.

School of Biblical Studies Electives

Listed below are a plethora of courses offered to Berean members for their spiritual growth, knowledge and development

  • Master Life – A 26 week discipleship program whereby one grows within the context of small group meetings.
  • The Holy Spirit – A 6 week exhaustive study of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Revelation and the End-times – An eight week course surveying eschatology and the 4 prominent approaches to the book of Revelation.
  • The Book of James – A six week discussion led study concerning the book of James.
  • Raising Kingdom kids – A 6 week small group based on Tony Evan’s, “Raising Kingdom Kids.” Participants will gain practical tools in intentional, Christian parenting.
  • Berean Teacher’s Course – A 6 week teacher’s training program. This course is hands on and is designed to instruct participants in the Berean style of teaching. This course is required for candidates desiring to join the School of Biblical Studies.
  • I’m saved now what? – This 3 week course is ideal for new converts with no history with the Church. Students are introduced to the fundamental principles, practices and people of Christianity.
  • Radical Love – A 12 week small group for married couples only. This course is based on Dr. Tony’s proven curriculum and is designed to elevate Christian marriages.
  • Love In the First Degree (LITFD) – A 14 week small group for married women only. This course coaches married women in becoming the Biblical, Godly wives God has ordained them to be.

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