Message Outlines

Message / Study TitleDateWeekDayReference
Why All These Plagues3/29/2020SunExodus 9:14-16
RELAX! God Has Everything Under Control3/26/2020ThursPsalm 47:1-4
Leadership Needed to Handle a National Crisis3/19/2020ThursI Samuel 17:32-37
Psalm 91 is More Potent than Covid-193/15/2020SunPsalm 91
Don’t Rob Yourself of Financial Increase3/12/2020ThursMatthew 25:14-30
Uncommon Ways God Uses to Increase Your Financial Situation3/8/2020SunII Chronicles 20:20-25
Honoring God through Tithing3/5/2020ThursMalachi 3:8-12
Losing God’s Favor2/23/2020Sun2 Kings 13:6
The Highs and Lows of Being Favored by God2/20/2020ThursGenesis 39:1-8
Seeking God’s Favor2/16/2020SunPsalms 5:11,12
Highly Favored and Glad About It2/13/2020ThursRuth 2:1-10
How Sweet it is to Have the Favor of God2/6/2020ThursLuke 1:26-31
When Favor Finds You!2/2/2020SunPsalms 5:11,12
Improving Your Daily Walk with Jesus1/30/2020ThursLuke 9:23-37
Actions Jesus Takes to Upgrade Your Life1/26/2020SunMatthew 14:22-27
Major Concerns Jesus Has for Your Life1/23/2020ThursLuke 5:1-11
Benefits of Being Connected to Jesus1/16/2020ThursMark 8:22-25
Jesus’ Response to Your Mistakes in Life1/12/2020SunJohn 21:3-6
Expecting Plenty Throughout 20201/5/2020SunPsalms 65:11
The Power of Memorizing God’s Word12/15/2019SunMatthew 4:4-10
Essential Elements for Effective Community Witnessing12/12/2019ThursActs 8:30-39
‘Impacting the Community in a Positive Way’12/5/2019ThursActs 2:37- 47
A Giving Heart12/01/2019SunGenesis 3:3-13
Ministry Assignments You Should Participate In11/24/2019SunMatthew 14:14-18
‘What Corporate Fasting Can Increase In Your Life’11/21/2019ThursII Chronicles 20:1-30
When God Is Pleased11/17/2019SunMatthew 25:19-23
Valuable Insight for Finding Success in Ministry11/14/2019ThursMark 6:12-16
Why Church Members Should Be a Part of the Prayer Ministry11/10/2019SunActs 12:1-5
Positives and Negatives of Being on a Ministerial Assignment11/07/2019ThursI Kings 13:3-14
Proven Keys for Ministerial Success11/03/2019SunJoshua 1:5 - 9
Don’t Give In!10/27/2019SunII Samuel 11:6 - 12
Common Experiences in he Work Place10/24/2019ThursGenesis 39:1-7
Elevation for the Next Job10/20/2019SunI Samuel 5:1- 4
Pentacost Power6/9/2019SunActs 2:1-4
Feeling Some Type of Way6/2/2019SunJonah 1:1-4
Helping People With Mental Illnesses5/26/2019SunDaniel 4:31, 32
Empowered To Overcome5/19/2019SunMark 5:1-5
A Mother of Excellence5/12/2019SunProverbs 31:26-30
The Power of Him4/20/2019
Sat/SunI Peter 1:3
Preparation for the Crucifixion4/14/2019SunMatthew 21:6-9
A Heart For Ministry4/7/2019SunII Corinthians 9:6-8
Negative Outcomes of not Prioritizing God’s House with Your Money3/14/2019ThursHaggai 1:5-11
Giving Healthy to God’s House3/10/2019SunMalachi 2:13
Financial Success Gone Wrong3/3/2019SunMalachi 1:6-7