Message Outlines

Message / Study TitleDateWeekDayReference
Why Church Members Should Be a Part of the Prayer Ministry11/10/2019SunActs 12:1-5
Positives and Negatives of Being on a Ministerial Assignment11/07/2019ThursI Kings 13:3-14
Proven Keys for Ministerial Success11/03/2019SunJoshua 1:5 - 9
Don’t Give In!10/27/2019SunII Samuel 11:6 - 12
Common Experiences in he Work Place10/24/2019ThursGenesis 39:1-7
Elevation for the Next Job10/20/2019SunI Samuel 5:1- 4
Pentacost Power6/9/2019SunActs 2:1-4
Feeling Some Type of Way6/2/2019SunJonah 1:1-4
Helping People With Mental Illnesses5/26/2019SunDaniel 4:31, 32
Empowered To Overcome5/19/2019SunMark 5:1-5
A Mother of Excellence5/12/2019SunProverbs 31:26-30
The Power of Him4/20/2019
Sat/SunI Peter 1:3
Preparation for the Crucifixion4/14/2019SunMatthew 21:6-9
A Heart For Ministry4/7/2019SunII Corinthians 9:6-8
Negative Outcomes of not Prioritizing God’s House with Your Money3/14/2019ThursHaggai 1:5-11
Giving Healthy to God’s House3/10/2019SunMalachi 2:13
Financial Success Gone Wrong3/3/2019SunMalachi 1:6-7
Relationships Needed to Succeed in Life2/28/2019ThursI Samuel 19:10-18
The Type of Man Worth Bringing Home2/24/2019SunExodus 2:18-20
Improving Family Relationships2/21/2019ThursLuke 15:17-24
The Type of Woman Worth Bringing Home2/17/2019SunGenesis 24:61-67
Characteristics of a Christ-Centered Relationship2/14/2019ThursI Corinthians 13:4-8
Pursuing Healthy Relationships2/3/2019SunEcclesiastes 4:9-12
Achieving at a High Level as a Believer1/31/2019ThursMatthew 14:22-31
Members Helping Members Spiritual Success1/27/2019SunActs 11:21-24
Steps for Walking into Success1/17/2019ThursJoshua 1:1-8
Don’t Let Your Success Turn Into a Hot Mess 1/13/2019SunII Chronicles 26:16-19
Preparing Yourself for Success Holistically1/10/2019ThursMatthew 6:1-21
Jesus’ Birth and My Lifestyle12/23/2018SunMatthew 2:7-10
The Power of Lifestyle Witnessing12/13/2018ThursActs 16:25-34
What Can Affect Lifestyle Witnessing12/9/2018SunI Samuel 25:14-19
Key Components for Effective Lifestyle Witnessing12/6/2018ThursActs 4:12-20
Love Galore12/2/2018SunExodus 32:21-25
What Successful Fasting Can Lead To11/29/2018ThursDaniel 2: 1-49
What Believers Can Share About Gratefulness11/25/2018SunPsalm 119:14-16
Biblical Revelations for Worshiping the Lord11/15/2018ThursJohn 12:1-3
Biblical Revelation Believers Should Know11/8/2018ThursRomans 5:1-10
Healthy Ways to Rebound from Storms in Your Family11/1/2018ThursLuke 15:17-28
Returning From Your Storm10/29/2018SunJonah 3:1-3
Tips for Overcoming Moral Storms10/25/2018ThursGenesis 39:1-10
Conduct That Will Bring and Keep Storms Coming Your Way10/11/2018ThursJonah 1:3-11
Valid Reasons to Worship the Lord in a Storm10/4/2018ThursMatthew 14:24-33
Restore Me!9/30/2018SunPsalm 51:12
Representing Christ to People in Need9/27/2018ThursLuke 10:30-37
Surviving Storms with Minimal Damage10/18/2018ThursActs 27:13-20
Information Needed to Connect People to Christ 9/13/2018ThursActs 2:22-32
Various Ways to Connect People with Jesus9/6/2018ThursJohn 1:35-43
Benefits of Connecting People9/2/2018SunActs 10:44-48
How Believers Can Live Out God’s Word8/30/2018ThursJeremiah 36:1-10
Consequences of NOT Living by the Word8/26/2018SunJeremiah 36:27-32
Positive Responses for Living by the Word of God8/23/2018ThursLuke 4:3-13
Using the Word to Live For God8/16/2018Thurs2 Chronicles 34:14-21
I Know I’m Living by the Word8/12/2018SunActs 17:10-14
Living God’s Word the Right Way8/9/2018ThursMatthew 4:1-11
Living Victoriously in God’s Word8/5/2018SunNumbers 14:1-4
Families Learning to Worship God8/2/2018ThursII Chronicles 29:25-30
From Isolation to Liberation 7/29/2018SunMatthew 27:30-34, 48
Where Worshipping as a Family Can Lead7/22/2018SunExodus 23:25-28
Critical Components of Family Worship7/15/2018SunExodus 8:1, 25-28
Motivating Factors for Families to Worship God7/12/2018ThursExodus 4:29-31
Thank God for Family Worship7/8/2018SunI Samuel 1:14-19
Benefits of Worshiping God as a Family7/5/2018ThursGenesis 22:5-12
Experiencing Growth Through Church Fellowship5/31/2018ThursActs 11:22-26
Experiencing Growth Through Obedience5/24/2018ThursDeuteronomy 28:1-7
Experiencing Growth Through Witnessing5/17/2018ThursActs 8:29-35
A Real Mother5/13/2018SunI Kings 3:26, 27
Experiencing Growth Through Prayer5/10/2018Thurs1 Samuel 1:10-17
Code Blue5/6/2018SunPsalm 107:17-20
Preventing a Code Blue4/29/2018SunII Samuel 11:1-5
Actions Believers Can Take to Demonstrate Their Worship of God4/26/2018ThursMatthew 2:7-12
iWorship God4/22/2018SunII Samuel 6:14,21
Why You Should Worship God Outside of Church4/19/2018ThursExodus 34:1-8
I’m Ready for What’s Next4/15/2018SunJoshua 4:1-4
Experiencing a Revival4/12/2018Thurs
A Wrong Way of Worship4/8/2018SunI Samuel 15:24, 25
Crucial Elements of Your Private Worship4/5/2018ThursGenesis 22:1-12
Life Changing Keys from the Resurrection4/1/2018SunJohn 20:24-28
Godly Characteristics of a Generous Church Body3/29/2018ThursI Chronicles 29:1-10
A Puzzling Offering3/25/2018SunMark 12:41-45
Pleasing God with Your Financial Gifts3/22/2018ThursII Corinthians 9:1-7
Satan’s Plan for Your Money3/18/2018SunActs 5:1-5
How Using Your Money Can Impact You3/15/2018ThursMatthew 25:19-28
Financial Opportunities Available for Followers of Jesus3/11/2018SunMatthew 17:24-27
How Using Your Money Can Impact You3/8/2018ThursMatthew 25:19-28
Compelling Reasons to Give of Your Financial Resources3/4/2018SunJohn 6:5-11
Why God Gives You His Word3/1/2018ThursEzekiel 3:1-4
A Heart Hindered from God’s Word2/25/2018SunII Chronicles 25:13-17
Using God’s Word for Spiritual Warfare2/22/2018Thurs - NoonMatthew 4:3-11
A Heart Beating with God’s Word2/18/2018SunII Chronicles 25:1-2
Desires That Are Pleasing to God2/15/2018ThursNehemiah 8:1-9
Meaningful Outcomes of Prioritizing the Word of God2/8/2018ThursJoshua 1:6-9
Giving as God Instructed 2/4/2018SunMalachi 3:8-10
What Church Members Need from Church Leaders1/28/2018SunActs 11:21-24
Common Occurrences That Happen During Church Worship1/25/2018ThursLuke 4:16-24
Becoming a Better Person by Attending Church 1/18/2018ThursPsalm 73:12-18
Worshipping the Berean Way1/14/2018SunActs 17:10-12
Benefits of Physically Being in Church1/11/2018ThursLuke 13:10-17
Worshipping Out of a Maze1/7/2018SunIsaiah 29:13-16
Why You Should Prioritize Corporate Worship1/4/2018ThursII Chronicles 20:18-27